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I’ve been playing the flute for 22 years and I started to teach 9 years ago. I’m passionate about constantly learning and sharing my experiences with others.

flute teacher

About me

Elida Tirtopan is a musician, flute teacher and life enthousiast who does not like writing about her in the third person, even if it sounds more professional on a website. So, let’s keep it simple: hi, welcome to my virtual home, where you’ll find some things about me, my interests and my projects!

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My work

Here are some of the projects I am currently involved in.

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My interests

These are people, places or things that I find exciting. Check them out and share your own if you have some cool ideas.

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I teach the flute in Switzerland and Romania, at music schools, in private, online or during summer classes.

Musikschule Seeland
Conservatoire de Fribourg
Let's go
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Get in touch

flute teacher emailemail@adresa.com